How it works

Here at JMIL we believe you should get what you paid for and receive superior customer service. We put the Power in your hands with picking the fabrics, stitching, lapel, cuff, color, soles and so much more. We even give you the choice to pick where you want the fabric to come from. You have the choice to select the fabric then insert your measurement. You will be on your way to owning your own custom bespoke item.

JMIL Tailored fabrics

Suits-Our suits are either half or full canvas, so you do not have to worry about wearing a fused constructed suit.  A fused suit has glue incorporated in it and it tends to peel.  JMIL Tailored items are fully hand crafted by the most skilled tailors to bring about a great experience.  The suits come in wool, cashmere, wool and silk from super 80’s to super 180’s.  Our suits come from the most exquisite fabric manufacturers in the WORLD.   Our suit's comes in regular and slim for that European cut fit. Also, some of our suits come with a FREE extra pair of trousers. Just so you can have an extra pair to wear with one of our blazers. 

Shirts-Our shirts are 100% cotton and come with interfacing lining in our collars.  We use a high density stitch count from all around the world.  We have fabrics that are 100% Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton and Sea Island cotton.  Our shirts are single and double ply shirts.  The fabrics come from the finest mills from China, Italy, England, Switzerland, and Germany.

Frequently asked questions

Please feel free to contact us, our customer service center is working for you 24/7.

What is bespoke clothing?
Is it the exact opposite of made off the rack. It is made to fit a particular person the term dates back to the 1600’s in the United Kingdom it literally meant a fabric was bespoken for a specific customer.
What is the delivery time for my order?
The average delivery time after payment is received is 3 to 4 weeks for shirts and 4 to 6 weeks for suits. These are business days weekends are not included, public holidays, or production delays, adverse weather conditions
Order status Awaiting Approval
Your order is in the review, it is waiting for approval from processing your order. This also means we are verifying the measurement that has been supplied. We want to make sure the measurements are correct and true to size.
In Production
This means your order has been approved and it is in production YA only a few weeks before you receive your product.
Your order has been completed and is in the process to ship out.
The order has shipped and your products are on its way boy you are going to be happy!! We will provide you with your tracking information as soon as it is dispatched by us so please be on the lookout for your fabulous products.
Where are my products produced at?
JMIL tailored bespoke tailored clothing purchase fabrics from the leading suppliers in Italy, England, and China. All of our fabrics come from the same mills that produced the established name brand companies that you might have to take out a second mortgage to purchase their items. We want to inform you that none of our distributors have their employees under harsh conditions whether it is environmental or pay salaries.
JMIL tailored fabrics
You can learn more about the fabrics in our fabric section from the different patterns and weaving types. The fabrics will have an origin of where it came from the weight, and price.
What type of Shipping Options we offer?
JMIL tailored offers free shipping on orders over $150. On orders under $150, JMIL tailored charges a flat rate of $12.95. If you know you will not be home when the shipper plans to deliver your package, please plan accordingly and contact the shipper. We can provide the tracking info and the shipping company who will deliver your package.
Which Countries do JMIL tailored ship to?
We ship globally to all countries and the delivery time after the order is complete is up to 10 days. We use the fastest company in the shipping industry. All international orders are shipped via express air by the following companies DHL, Fed Ex, and UPS. JMIL tailored do not ship to PO Boxes, but we ship to military addresses, APO/DPO thru USPS. JMIL does not ship to PO Boxes, but ship to APO/FPO. For Marines, Navy, and Army please Enter Unit Number and Box Number For Air Force enter the PSC number and Box number For Navy Ship please enter Ship Name and Hull Number In the City Field enter APO or FPO (We cannot ship to city codes other than AFO or FPO for military) Address Line 2 field enter optional military organizational name State Field Select: AP-Armed Forces Pacific AA-Armed Forces America AE-Armed Forces Europe, Middle East, Africa and Canada Zip Code Field enter 5 digit Zip code for the military unit and it must start with a 0 or 9.
What forms of Payment you accept?
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Is my credit card secure on here?
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I placed my order can I make changes to my order?
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What is Full Canvas Suits?
The best quality of a suit, but more pricey.
A full canvas suit has horsehair canvas, which is sewn between the lining and the cloth of the jacket. The canvas allows the suit fabric to drape properly and aids with holding the shape of the suit. A full canvas suit helps to maintain a certain level of stiffness along with preventing it from sagging. This full canvas will mold to your body over time to allow it to have the perfect fit. It aids in the longevity of the suit by distributing tension at stress points that include the shoulders or elbows. A full canvas suit tends to be quite more expensive, but it allows the client to wear the garment on a daily basis which is perfect for longevity. A full canvas does allow the suit to breathe and it is perfect for repeated dry cleaning.

What is Half Canvas Suits?
It does not compromise quality.
Even though a full canvased suit is expensive it can also be somewhat heavy and bulky. A full canvas suit is great for those cold winter days. A half canvased suit uses a sewn in canvas piece for the entire front panel, so it runs through the chest and lapel of the jacket. But it is fused on the bottom part of the jacket. This allows you to have the canvas at the most important part of the suit and reduces the cost of a suit with a lighter garment.

Power Guarantee

You work hard for your money and we know that. Let us know if your garment does not fit and we will guarantee we will get it right. If the item does not turn out the way you like it we will go beyond to get it right. All items are custom-made to fit your body which is unique, so it may need a little adjustment. We cannot issue a full refund for any garment. But, JMIL tailored will issue a credit up to $75 alternation towards the work of a local tailor. Please have your local tailor to fill out our alterations form along with the receipt of the work to and a credit will go towards your account. Just log in to your account and the credit will be sitting in your account it is just that easy. Alterations credits are available up to 30 days of receiving the item.

If you have a question concerning measurement, fit, sizing, color choices please email us at and we will answer you within 24 hours.

Do we require signature for your delivery?
Yes, because we do not want someone else attempting to wear your garment that is made specifically for you. Nor do we want someone attempting to sell it online. We are always trying to look out for our clients. The shipping provider will leave a door tag of the attempt to delivery if you are not at home. The driver will make a total of three attempts to delivery your item. If you still are unavailable to sign for your document, the package will be returned to us unless you have made special arrangements.
Do I have to pay sales tax?
It depends on where we are shipping your product. Currently there is a 6% sales tax for shipments being sent to the state of Kentucky.
What is your refund policy?
We are sorry we are unable to give you a full refund because the garments made specifically for you. But we can give you our Power guarantee we are totally committed to working with you to providing you with near perfect garment right. I know you said near perfect?? Yes, there is nothing perfect besides God. But, we can at least be close to your expectations.
Can I receive sample of the fabric?
At this time, we are unable to send out fabrics because the fabrics are extremely expensive it would not be possible at this time for our mills to send samples. We want to tell you are working with the finest mills from China to Saville Row! All JMIL tailored fabrics are imported from the finest mills that import Egyptian cotton, Pima and Sea Island cotton, wools, and Cashmere. If you are looking for high quality fabrics the fabrics that feel good on the skin look no further than JMIL tailored clothing.