Frequently asked questions

Are you curious about something? Do you have some kind of problem with our products?

Please feel free to contact us, our customer service center is working for you 24/7.

The average delivery time after payment is received for our MTO shoe orderis 3 to 4 weeks for (patina shoes it may take a few extra days).  For our bags and leather goods it will take 4 to 6 weeks. These are business days weekends are not included, public holidays, or production delays, adverse weather conditions

Our items are handmade in Spain using the best selected leather skins and sartorial fabrics. Our products are made from the same high-end manufacturers that you are spending thousands for.  The best artisans collaborate in our manufacture process by hand-cutting, hand-painting and hand-stitching every product.


We try to make sure you are 100% satisfied, but you have 24 hours to make a cancellation.  Understandably, we are on a timetable because the garments are MTO and customize and we are pushing to get our products out ASAP.  If you could please make us aware of your cancellation in 24 hours.  If you need to make changes to your new item, please make it within 24- 48 hrs. 


Your items are Made to Order and Bespoke Workmanship specifically for our clients so unfortunately, we can not accept any returns, store credits or refund.  We do not sell used items, so that is why we can not accept returns to our items. 

The average delivery time after payment is received is 3 to 4 weeks for shirts and 4 to 6 weeks for suits. These are business days weekends are not included, public holidays, or production delays, adverse weather conditions.

Your order is in the review, it is waiting for approval from processing your order. This also means we are verifying the measurement that has been supplied. We want to make sure the measurements are correct and true to size.

This means your order has been approved and it is in production YA only a few weeks before you receive your product.

Your order has been completed and is in the process to ship out.

The order has shipped and your products are on its way boy you are going to be happy!! We will provide you with your tracking information as soon as it is dispatched by us so please be on the lookout for your fabulous products.

You can learn more about the fabrics in our fabric section from the different patterns and weaving types. The fabrics will have an origin of where it came from the weight, and price.

JMIL tailored offers free shipping on orders over $150. On orders under $150, JMIL tailored charges a flat rate of $12.95. If you know you will not be home when the shipper plans to deliver your package, please plan accordingly and contact the shipper. We can provide the tracking info and the shipping company who will deliver your package.

We ship globally to all countries and the delivery time after the order is complete is up to 10 days. We use the fastest company in the shipping industry. All international orders are shipped via express air by the following companies DHL, Fed Ex, and UPS. JMIL Tailored do not ship to PO Boxes, but we ship to military addresses, APO/DPO thru USPS. JMIL Tailored does not ship to PO Boxes, but ship to APO/FPO. For Marines, Navy, and Army please Enter Unit Number and Box Number For Air Force enter the PSC number and Box number For Navy Ship please enter Ship Name and Hull Number In the City Field enter APO or FPO (We cannot ship to city codes other than AFO or FPO for military) Address Line 2 field enter optional military organizational name State Field Select: AP-Armed Forces Pacific AA-Armed Forces America AE-Armed Forces Europe, Middle East, Africa and Canada Zip Code Field enter 5 digit Zip code for the military unit and it must start with a 0 or 9.

JMIL Tailored accepts the following credit and debit cards which includes Discover, Master Card, and Visa. JMIL Tailored also accepts payments thru PayPal. Orders can also be paid using your referrals and return credits.

JMIL Tailored accepts credit card payments through the most secure online server. We have taken every possible precaution to protect our member’s credit card information. 

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JMIL Tailored currently charge sales tax only for our member’s orders who reside in Kentucky- it’s required by law. We are required by law to collect sales tax on shipping and handling fees associated with the order in Kentucky.

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