About Us

We give you total antonymy by building your own custom high-end product. Open your creative juices by building a product that are uniquely for just for YOU. Our manufacturer uses old tradition while being innovative to create the best handcrafted quality materials. Our workshop have generations of dedicated workmanship for creating the most authentic and breathless products.






Why Custom?

 Why settle for clothing that truly does not fit? Custom means sophisticated craftsmanship not fitting in with the norm. Do you like to be unique, different and not the status quo? God did not make us all the same so why our clothing should fit the same. There is nothing worse than to see clothing that does not adequately JMIL tailored clothing is all hand crafted for a perfect fit guarantee. Custom equates to confidence, passion, wisdom and POWER. GET YOUR POWER BACK and order JMIL tailored clothing. All of the products from JMIL tailored clothing are custom to fit you. Our custom tailored business is distinguished as the best in custom wear. We take great care of our members by offering them the best in customization and customer service. After you wear JMIL tailored clothing you will never go back to the other so- called tailored businesses. Our prices are the most competitive pricing in the industry considering the type of handcraftsmanship that is put into each garment. There is nothing like a bespoke item. After, you have your taste of the finest type of exquisite garment on your body to fit you only it is live heaven.





Unleash Your Creativity. More than 300 Materials

A vast repository of materials: Suedes, Sartorial Fabrics, Hand Painted Leathers, Hand Made Patina Crust, Polished Calf’s, Patent Leather... etc. We have partnered with the best leather suppliers to provide the best raw materials. You create your design, upload your design, we bring it to life, we stamp our JMIL Tailored logo, then it ship it to you.