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Navy Twill Fabric

$250.00 $200.00

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    • Long
    • Short
  • FIT

    • Slim
    • Normal
    • Loose

    • Medium Point Collar
    • Cutaways
    • Long Collar
    • Button Down Collar
    • Pin Collar
    • Spread Collar
    • Club Collar

    • Single Cuffs With 1 Button
    • Single Cuff With 2 Button
    • One Button Cut
    • Two Button Cut
    • Rounded With 1 Button
    • Rounded With 2 Button
    • Squared French Cuff
    • Double Squared French Cuff
    • Rounded French Cuff
    • Double Rounded French Cuff

    • No Pockets
    • 1 Breast Pockets (Flap)
    • 1 Breast Pockets (No Flap)
    • 2 Breast Pockets (Flap)
    • 2 Breast Pockets (No Flap)

    • Seamless
    • Hidden Button
    • Standard

    • Tail
    • Square

  • pattern

    • Herringbone
Type Monogram
Enter Height Value in Feet.
Enter Height Value in Inches.
Enter Weight Value in LBS.
Enter Age Value in Year.


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